Tuesday, April 6, 2010

...breaking through creative block (Pt. 2)

So I've been "being with" and accepting that I don't have a creative idea left in me for the last several weeks (months? I've lost track). I'm okay with that. But now it is time to do something about it.

After sifting through the volumes of tips and advice online and on bookshelves I have come to one conclusion...I have to just keep on chugging on.

What other choice do I have? I'm not going to let this stop me from doing what I love now am I? But now what?

Tips For Breaking Creative Block
(A Personal Top Ten List)
  1. Accept It -remember it will pass.
  2. Clean Your Desk - clutter makes it hard to concentrate.
  3. Get Something on Paper - 4 -6 ideas for anything in 10 minutes. A few words, a rough sketch, a doodle made on a napkin, envelope, piece of paper or sketchbook.
  4. Think Big -sections, shape, style at first. The details can come later.
  5. Talk It Out - surround yourself with creative people...creativity breeds creativity.
  6. Change Gears - taking your mind off the project you are stuck on can actually open your mind to ideas for it.
  7. Relax - meditate, listen to music, take a walk. Give your mind a bit of quiet time to be open to and have room for ideas to flow in.
  8. Dumpster Dive - recycle old ideas, cobble old ideas together into something new. Use them as random points of inspiration to jump off from.
  9. Have Fun - even if crayons are not the medium you work with, get a box, some big sheets of paper and use them. Think mad, think "what if", come up with crazy ideas then bring them back to reality. Cookies help too! Just not too many.
  10. Keep Chugging On!

These are the "Top Ten" that I have found helpful. Let me know what's worked for you.