Friday, September 9, 2011

Throwing a New Website Design Out There

Were you as excited as I was about the launch of Lion?  I was counting the days for it’s release, I had my play by play prep and download instructions and when the day came everything went fine.  Except for the fact that somewhere along the line I failed to notice that I would be losing access to several older applications - in particular my archaic version of DreamWeaver.  
Just days after upgrading I went to update my website with new show dates and “Uh Oh!” yep that when I found out, DreamWeaver version zero.zilch was not supported.  Now I have never sworn at the good folks in Cupertino until this happened.  Was it them? Was it Adobe? I didn’t care, in order to edit my site I was going to have to go in and edit it in HTML  Rrrrrrrrr, and that is not the sound of a happy Lion purring.
Fast forward.... what’s this iWeb? After reading the lousy reviews for RapidWeaver (since I can not afford the new version of DreamWeaver) I realized I had something called iWeb.  Could it possibly work?  
Well, it took a while to find a style I could live with, but I have to say I think this version is looking better than the previous site.  The only thing I can’t figure out is how to use my Blogger blog as my blog here (say that 3 times fast!).  There must be a way.....
So at any rate, here is the new site (or the first pages of it) and the new blog (at some point linked with this blog I hope).
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.