Thursday, May 20, 2010

Singing the praises of FatCow

Not a FatCow, FatCow Web Hosting

At first I was not so sure about moving my site to a new host provider, let alone one called FatCow. But when I read they were wind powered i was intrigued. I gave them a call on their 800# and asked, "so just how hard is this moving a site." Honestly, I could not believe how helpful they were.

With my old provider who I won't name, but let's just say they were a little "hyper," I had nothing but problems. Too many to enumerate. The worst was that I would call and no one could help.

Enter FatCow, wind powered, environmentally conscious, reasonable prices and HELPFUL! I had a little glitch the other day, they told me what to do, I couldn't do it, so they did it for me when I called back all exasperated. Hell-O. Thank you!

Net net the FatCow rocks!

Check them out if you need a website...